Best 20 Janet Jackson Songs

The youngest of the ten Jackson children, Janet Damita Jo Jackson, was born in Gary, Indiana, in 1966 and raised in Encino, California. Janet made her first stage appearance, with her family, when she was only seven at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. While getting her singing career underway, she turned to acting and, at the age of ten, appeared as Penny, for two years, on the TV series, "Good Times."  She also appeared as a member of the cast of "Diff'rent Strokes" for one year and as a cast member, during the fourth season on "Fame." Janet signed her first solo recording contract with A&M Records when she was sixteen.  In 1991, she signed a 32 million dollar contract with Virgin Records.
On the charts, Janet has had 29 top 40 hits with ten of them going to number one.  Here are Janet Jackson's twenty biggest hits, according to the Billboard Weekly Top 40 Charts.
1.That's The Way Love Goes - 1993 - Janet's biggest hit, to date, went to #1 for eight weeks and won a Grammy for Best R&B song in 1994.
2. All For You - 2001 - her last number one single, to date, this song came from her album of the same name.
3. Miss You Much - 1989 - this song was used in the opening scenes of the Bill Cosby 1990 comedy, ""Ghost Dad."
4. Escapade - 1990 - Martha and the Vandella's 1965 hit "Nowhere To Run" was the inspiration for this song.
5. Doesn't Really Matter - 2000 - from the 2000 film "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" starring Janet and Eddie Murphy.
6. When I Think Of You - 1986 - Janet's first number one single gave her the distinction of being the first artist to have a number one single who also has a sibling with a number one single (Michael).
7. Again - 1993 - from Janet's movie "Poetic Justice", this song received nominations for a Golden Globe and Academy Award and was also recorded in French by Janet.
8. Together Again - 1997 - from her "Velvet Rope" album, this song was a tribute, from Janet, to friends who had recently passed from AIDS.
9. Love Will Never Do (Without You) - 1991 - from her album "Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814" which is the only album in history to have seven top 5 hits.
10. Black Cat - 1990 - written by Janet, the rock mix of this single features Living Colour's Vernon Reid on lead guitar.
11. Rhythm Nation - 1990 - the video to this song received the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography in 1990, as well as a Soul Train Award.
12. Come Back To Me - 1990 - another hit from the ""Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814" album.
13. Any Time, Any Place - 1994 - although it did not reach #1 on the pop charts, it did on the R&B charts.
14. Let's Wait Awhile - 1987 - the first single produced by Janet, it borrows it's melody from America's 1975 hit "Daisy Jane."
15. Nasty - 1986 - from her "Control" album, the music video was choreographed by Paula Abdul and is Janet's signature song to abusive men.
16. Runaway - 1995 - a song recorded for her greatest hits album, "Design Of A Decade 1986/1996", the single gave Janet the distinction of being the first female artist to debut on Billboard's Top Ten at number six.
17. I Get Lonely - 1998 - doing even better than "Runaway", this song debuted and peaked at #3 on the Billboard Weekly Charts, with the remix featuring BLACKstreet.
18. Someone To Call My Lover - 2001 - from the "All For You" album, Janet recorded this song after ending her ten year marriage to Rene Elizondo Jr.
19. What Have You Done For Me Lately? - 1986 - after two studio albums with no pop top forty hits, Janet's first hit came from her "Control" album.
20. Alright - 1990 - Janet received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance, Female, for this song.
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Janet created much controversy, during her halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII, with singer Justin Timberlake, when, while performing Timberlake's single, "Rock Your Body", he grabbed the top of her costume, tearing it and revealing her right breast.  Janet and Timberlake issued apologies and called the accident a "wardrobe malfunction."
Despite the Super Bowl controversy, Janet has received numerous honors, including being recognized for her work in raising money for AIDS charities. Janet was married to James Debarge of the group DeBarge, in 1984, but the marriage ended briefly, thereafter.  She also married Rene Elizondo Jr. and they were married ten years before divorcing. Janet continues to record and act.  She appeared in the films Poetic Justice (1993), Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000), Why Did I Get Married (2007), Why Did I Get Married Too (2010) and For Colored Girls (2010).
She was ranked seventh in Billboard's 2008 list of the Hot 100 All-Time Pop Artists. Janet remains a big draw at her concerts.  She is currently on her Up Close And Personal Tour in 2011.

Tips to Becoming the Best Salesperson

So you're selling timeshares. But how well happens it? Timeshares have evolved in the past, which makes them very well-liked by vacation goers, frequent travelers and people looking to own a bit of resort paradise. That means if you opt to sell timeshares today, anticipate to be in the corporation of tough competitors. You need to do any girl to get noticed, be noticeable, become popular with potential clients and in actual fact sell. Here are methods to be the best salesperson in timeshare:
Be from the right timeshare company.

The timeshare company at your job will have an enormous impact about how well it will be possible to share timeshares. This industry has grown in popularity over time, that has made it an unfortunate target of scams and sneaky dealers.

If you want to be the better salesperson there may be in timeshare, find the appropriate company to do business with. The most reputable companies may benefit you in additional ways than one. Being connected to them allows you to a more trustworthy salesperson to buyers. And if you then have a high level of reliability, you're more prone to sell quickly.

Get the correct kind of exposure for the product.

This is the one other reason why you should be working with the proper timeshare company. A good, reliable company will allow you to get sufficient exposure for the timeshare. If the corporation is reliable, it's gonna be popular with consumers and possible buyers. That should help you find the correct market segment for ones timeshare.

Make certain to check out the timeshare company you consider hiring. Find out how they fare when it comes to popularity with this market and the type of buyers they attract. If it matches your wants, then this is where you ought to promote from.
Have good timing.

If you're aiming to make a profit in selling timeshares, understand that in most cases, that's more the exception rather than rule. So be sure you maximize your opportunity by selling when demand is high. Never try to market a timeshare inside off-season, unless it's necessary and you're desperate.
Sell the correct stuff.

Don't get rid of your maintenance responsibilities in your timeshare property. One from the best techniques to make it desirable is usually to keep it clean and well-maintained. If you are not keeping up, it's high time which you do. You can't the ideal salesperson in timeshare if that which you are selling is unwanted or unappealing.

Understand your market.

Just as few people will invest in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt, not everybody you industry to will be enthusiastic about buying a timeshare. If you want to be the better salesperson in timeshare, be sure to understand the sort of appeal your products has to industry. What type of demographics will your timeshare attract? Who are these buyers and what sorts of purchases can they prefer?
Make your prices competitive.

It's an unfortunate but true idea that once you opt to sell your timeshare, you are unable to realistically expect it to promote at a higher price compared to what you bought it for. In some cases, your timeshare could easily get you only 50% with the original price you purchased it for. But that's to get expected because that's how this industry goes. So when it's time to trade, be sure that your prices are competitive and aggressive enough to attract the correct buyers.

Do research.

You may wish to perform a criminal history check on how well your timeshare company has performed inside the past. If you want to be the better salesperson in timeshare, you'll want statistics on your own side. Check whether resales inside the past are actually successful and discover if the numbers is useful for you.